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Gordmans Spring Review

Kensie Cropped Mint Daisy Shirt

Gordmans Spring Clothing Review

Kensie Cropped Mint Daisy Shirt

Cropped Daisy Top — courtesy of Gordmans
High Riser Skinny Jean — Madewell
D’orsay Flats — courtesy of Gordmans
Hair Barrette — CLOTH, Carmel City Center
Pearl Bracelet — Gift

Long time no outfit post! I have several excuses including, but not limited to: the crappy cold weather; the fact that you’ve seen me wear everything in my closet at least twice; the fact that I’m trying to downsize my closet, not add to it (shop it on Poshmark!); and the fact that on an average day I wear t-shirts and yoga pants stained with spit-up.

That said, it’s exciting to get something new once in a while. So, when Gordmans asked me if I’d like to team up with them once again, I was excited to check out their new selection of spring clothing. It took me several passes through the store and no less than three trips into the fitting room to narrow my selection down to this A-DORABLE, cropped mint daisy top and these black d’orsay flats. I also got a necklace to wear with the outfit, but somehow it didn’t make it into my bag at check-out, so I have to go back and pick it up.

If you’re not familiar with Gordmans, they have 90 locations in 22 states (and counting!). See their locations HERE. They offer brand name items at deeply discounted prices. The top I got is by Kensie, which is a brand you can buy at Nordstrom or Macy’s. They also have kids’ clothes (I stocked up on stuff for Christopher!),  mens’ clothes, a killer home decor department, and lots of odds ‘n ends, like pet toys.

If you’re headed to Gordmans any time soon, be sure to take this coupon with you!

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Me Time — Dermalogica Facial Review

As a new mom, carving out “me time” is one of the most important things I can do not only for myself, but for my family. A happy mom means a happy dad and baby, too! I consider myself lucky because Chris is always willing to watch Christopher so I can take a bath, go downstairs to watch the new episode of Pretty Little Liars, get dinner with a friend, go the mall, etc. Just a little break from diapers and feedings is an instant mood-booster.

Tricoci Universtiy Dermalogica Facial Review

A couple weekends ago, my friends at Indianapolis beauty school Tricoci University asked me if I’d like to receive a complimentary Dermalogica skincare service. My response was obviously, heck yes! Now, this wasn’t my first time working with Tricoci University. A couple years ago I stepped in as a “beauty school drop IN,” so I already had an idea how things work there. Students perform the services under the supervision of instructors. They obviously don’t throw a student on the floor giving haircuts and chemical peels on his or her first day. The students are very knowledgeable, thorough, and careful — their grades depend on it!

Tricoci Universtiy Dermalogica Facial Review

Once I arrived they helped me decide which Dermalogica skincare service would be best for me. It was decided I’d receive the Rejuvenating Facial, so I headed back into the spa, which they keep quiet and dim — very relaxing! They gave me a towel to change into and a locker to keep my belongings in. This was my first facial experience, so I was a bit thrown off by being asked to wear a towel. I had an awkward moment in the changing room where I didn’t know if I should leave my bra and pants on – HA.  (Real talk: I kept my bra on and pulled the straps down, but removed my pants because I was wearing jeans and thought it would be uncomfortable laying down in them. I later saw women wearing pants under their towels, which made me feel even more awkward that I removed mine. HAHA. Next time, I think I’ll bring yoga pants or shorts to wear under the towel.)

The facial was wonderful! I’m not positive about all the steps and Dermalogica products used, but I know there was a skin analysis; some exfoliation; a mask; and a face, hand, and shoulder massage. They also put cream on my hands, wrapped them up, and put them in warm mitts. I’d say the whole process took about an hour.

I won’t lie: I’ve done a horrible job caring for my skin since Christopher was born. Most days I don’t even wash my face, which I justify with the fact that I rarely wear makeup. (It’s bad, I know.) After the facial my skin felt and looked so fresh! I was glowing and hadn’t felt that good in a long time.

The Rejuvenating Facial I received costs $35. I shopped around online and determined this is less than half the cost of a facial at a regular spa — and that’s being very conservative. I found facials in the Indianapolis area that cost hundreds, so getting a Dermalogica facial for $35 is quite a steal.

If you’re in the Indianapolis area, you can check out Tricoci’s salon and spa menu HERE.

Tricoci Universtiy Dermalogica Facial Review

Tricoci Univeristy
9725 Crosspoint Commons
Indianapolis, IN 46256
(317) 841-9400

A Year of Flower Arrangements: February

Arranging Tulips in a Pitcher

Like my January arrangement, I’m a little [or very…] late getting this posted. I made this in February, but just can’t seem to get it together. Life with a five-month-old is hectic!

Normally I like to get flowers from the florist. They tend to be fresher and last longer. Plus, I like supporting small businesses. However, for this arrangement, the convenience of grocery store flowers got the best of me. I picked up a bunch of white tulips and a bunch of mixed greenery from Kroger and decided to arrange them in an antique pitcher that used to be my great grandma’s. I think the result is very simple, but pretty. I just love tulips this time of year!

 Arranging Tulips in a Pitcher

Arranging Tulips in a Pitcher

Arranging Tulips in a Pitcher

Arranging Tulips in a Pitcher

Arranging Tulips in a Pitcher

Arranging Tulips in a Pitcher

Arranging Tulips in a Pitcher

Arranging Tulips in a Pitcher

Here’s to posting my March arrangement … in MARCH! ;)

Shop My Closet!

Spring cleaning has hit early this year! I’ve been working hard to declutter things around here, including my closet. I’m paring things down and getting rid of clothes that I rarely wear or don’t fit well.

Normally, I take things to the consignment shop, but I figured I’d give Poshmark a try. You can see and shop my Poshmark closet HERE. Let me know if you’re interested in anything …. because I’d probably cut you a deal ;). I’d rather see my things go to the good home of a reader than a stranger!

Here are a few things I’m selling that you’ve seen here on T&T before:

For Sale on Poshmark: Lavender Handbag

Lavender Bag, $20

For Sale on Poshmark: Vintage Mexican DressVintage Embroidered Dress, $60

For Sale on Poshmark: French Sweatshirt

French Sweatshirt, $20

For Sale on Poshmark: Paris Sweater

Paris Sweater, $20

For Sale on Poshmark: Mint Bag

Mint Bag, $15

For Sale on Poshmark: Chiffon Dress

Chiffon Dress, $25

See the rest of my Poshmark closet HERE!

A Year of Flower Arrangements: January

Ball Jar Flower Arrangement

So, as you may remember, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to create a flower arrangement each month of the year. I DID create this arrangement in January, but did not get around to posting it until February. Technically, I did not break my resolution. My resolution, my rules! ;)

For January, I wanted to make a small arrangement that would fit on the live edge cherry shelf Chris recently made. I REALLY wanted to make an arrangement with white tulips, but the flower shop I went to didn’t have any, so I decided to go with mini ivory calla lilies and fancy greenery. There’s something very refreshing about a simple white and green arrangement.

This is a very easy arrangement! Here’s how I made it:


Ball Jar Flower Arrangement

3 stems ivory mini calla lilies

3 stems spingeri fern
2 stems eucalyptus
1 stem green hypericum berries

Floral scissors and/or knife. (Mine are Oasis)
A 12-ounce Ball jar with band


Springeri Fern Flower Arrangement Greenery

Separate the springeri laterals so they’re the right height/size for the arrangement. (Be careful, it’s prickly!)

Ball Jar Flower Arrangement

Add four pieces of springeri to the jar. Lace the stems, criss-crossing them.

Ball Jar Flower Arrangement

Cut the hypericum berries and add to jar. Place the tallest calla lily in center.

Ball Jar Flower Arrangement

Add the second tallest calla lily to the left.

Ball Jar Flower Arrangement

Add the shortest at the base.

Preparing Eucalyptus Flower Arrangement Greenery

Prepare the eucalyptus by removing bottom leaves that would be under water. (Your hands will smell sooooo good after this!) Turn one stem of eucalyptus into two shorter pieces by cutting it in the middle.

Ball Jar Flower Arrangement

Add eucalyptus throughout arrangement. I kept a couple tall pieces in the back and shorter ones in the middle.

Ball Jar Flower Arrangement

If you’re like me, you’ll see a million things at this point that you don’t like, so feel free to pick at it until it looks how you want. This is a one-sided arrangement that sits on a shelf against a wall, so you only need to worry about the front looking good!

Ball Jar Flower Arrangement

Ball Jar Flower Arrangement

Ball Jar Flower Arrangement