7 Things I’m Looking Forward To Post-Pregnancy

Everyone knows pregnancy is full of dos, don’ts, and body and lifestyle changes (duh!). And while I’ve enjoyed being pregnant for the most part, there are a few things I’m really looking forward to post-pregnancy. Obviously, becoming a mother to our little one tops the list, but here are a few other not-so-consequential  things I’m counting down the days for:

1. Shopping for baby clothes.

Baby Boy and Baby Girl Clothes

Not finding out the gender of Baby H has been easier than I originally thought it would be. I think it’s been harder on our friends and family than us! For me, the most difficult part of not knowing is not being able to buy baby clothes! There are so many cute outfits, especially for girls, that I can’t wait to get my hands on. We’re planning on buying one baby boy outfit and one baby girl outfit for Baby H to wear home from the hospital, but other than that all we have are basic onesies.

2. Sleeping on my belly and back.

Sleeping Border Collie Puppy
I never realized how glorious belly and back sleeping are until I physically couldn’t anymore. I’m like a beached whale at night trying to roll from side to side to get comfortable. Also, not needing to get up three times a night to use the restroom will be nice…

3. Having a hard cider.

Crispin Honey Crisp Cider

I haven’t missed alcohol very much during pregnancy, but do enjoy hard cider. We’ll be in full fall swing after the baby is born, which is the best time of year for hard cider!

4. Wearing my regular clothes…and shopping!

Tulle Skirt
Summer is my favorite season to dress for, so it’s been a bummer not being able to wear most of my summer wardrobe. I’m looking forward to getting back into my old clothes and maybe shopping for a couple new things! Oh, and NOT having a maternity band hugging my stomach all the time will feel glorious!

5. Showering without difficulty.

Shower Products

Do you realize how hard it is to bend over and shave with a baby belly in the way?!

6. Running.

Exercise After Baby

I feel lucky that I’ve been able to keep walking and exercising during my pregnancy, but I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of running. I’m hoping to get a good Craigslist deal on a jogger stroller so that next spring Baby H and I can go out and exercise!

7. Not stressing.

Beating Pregnancy Stress

Every ache, cramp, and pain has given me reason to worry during pregnancy and I’m looking forward to not dealing with that stress. Course, I’ll have a son or daughter to stress about for the rest of my life … I’ll have to report back on what’s worse ;).



Maternity Style 29 Weeks — Out & About

29 Weeks Pregnant Outfit

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Maternity Style Blogger

Shop Suey Boutique Review

Tank — Liz Lange Maternity, Target
Jeans — Old Navy Maternity
Sandals — Nine West
Watch — Urban Outfitters
Helena Satchel — C/O Shop Suey Boutique

Happy Saturday! So, this week totally got away from me and I’m a little late on my 29 weeks outfit, but better late than never, right?!

I wore this casual outfit out and about today. Chris and I met up with my oldest friend and her boyfriend for lunch. She and I grew up next door to each other and have literally been friends for life! It was really nice getting to catch up with them over a delicious lunch at The Local, one  of our favorite restaurants. After lunch, Chris took me out for a little bit of shopping , and on our way home we picked up dinner ingredients at Earth Fare. It’s been a fabulous day!

PS – I would like to thank Shop Suey Boutique for sending me the beautiful satchel I’m wearing in the photos! Shop Suey is an adorable online boutique that sells accessories like jewelry, bags, and scarves at prices that make my wallet happy. Also, can we talk about how cute and creative the name Shop Suey is?!

I hope you’re having a great weekend!

29 Weeks Pregnant Style Blogger


Maternity Style 28 Weeks — Hello, 3rd Trimester!

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

28 Weeks Pregnant Outfit

Dress — C/O Gordmans
Belt — C/O Gordmans
Sandals — Nine West
Bow Necklace — Tiffany’s

Pregnancy Bump Photo

I’m in the final stretch of this pregnancy! Other than sharing outfits, I haven’t really talked much about being pregnant on here, mostly because this isn’t a pregnancy blog and I think a lot of things related to pregnancy are private. But today I thought I’d answer some questions I frequently get asked:


When/how did you first find out you’re pregnant?

Baby H was planned, but also a surprise because we weren’t anticipating it happening so quickly. While putting on my makeup one morning before work (Friday, January 17, to be exact…),  I felt a little lightheaded and queasy. I’m pretty in-tune with my body noticed feeling a little off that entire day, so as soon as I got home from work I took a pregnancy test, and it was positive! I could barely believe it, so I confirmed the results with a second test.  I’ll never forget the feeling after I took the tests: excitement, a racing heart, and disbelief! I put the tests in a paper bag and set them on the kitchen table to surprise Chris when he got home from work. He was thrilled, of course, when he opened the bag to see what was inside.

How have you been feeling physically?
Honestly, I’ve been feeling pretty good so far. I dealt with morning sickness during my first trimester, but feel very lucky that it hasn’t persisted. I get hip pain at night, but it always goes away in the morning after moving around a bit.So far, I’ve kind of liked being pregnant (I know, I’m one of THOSE), but that could certainly change as I progress through the third trimester!

How have you been feeling mentally?
Excited. HAPPY. Scared. Overwhelmed. Emotional. Unprepared. Lucky. Etc. Etc. Etc. I think almost every pregnant woman goes through feeling all the feelings! I’ve overwhelmingly been excited and happy, but it’s also a scary thought that delivery is right around the corner and once the trauma of that’s over, we’ll have a child to raise. I’ve been reading up as much as I can on delivery, parenting, and breastfeeding, and we’re also signed up for several classes at the hospital. F
or me, knowledge has been power and has given me more confidence. Funny pregnancy hormone story: Chris and I were at Gander Mountain this past weekend watching a Dock Dogs competition and I started crying for no reason. The dogs looked so happy and were having so much fun it brought on the waterworks! 

What have you been craving?
I really haven’t been craving anything crazy. I definitely love my sweets and ice cream, but to be honest, I was like that before I got pregnant! My diet hasn’t changed all that much compared to pre-pregnancy.

How’s your body/weight changed? 
I won’t lie, it’s kind of scary seeing the number on the scale creep up. So far for the most part, I like how I look and am feeling confident. Looking back on the photos of myself each week shows a rounder face and figure, but that’s the nature of the beast. Chris has told me he thinks I’m more beautiful than I’ve ever been, which makes me feel very lucky to have him by my side through it all.

Any food aversions?
I had an aversion to meat during my first trimester, but nothing since then.

Have you been exercising?
I try to go on long, brisk walks several times a week. It’s been easier this week because the weather has been so cool!

What are your delivery plans?
Before I got pregnant, I watched The Business of Being Born and felt empowered to do a natural, at-home birth. While I still think women who do that are amazing, actually getting pregnant and realizing that this baby is coming out in a matter of months has made it clear to me that I’d like to be in a hospital. I’ll be delivering at the hospital that’s near our house, and I’m planning on having a medicated delivery. I’ve been dealing with a bad case of “White Coat Syndrome” where my blood pressure spikes up every time I go to the doctor. I’ve been tested for pre-eclampsia several times (which includes a super-annoying 24 urine collection…). I’ve passed each time, but the risk is there that I could develop pre-e and I don’t want to pull a Lady Sybil!

Do you have any feelings if it’s a boy or girl?
Honestly, no! And I’m trying to not dwell on it so I don’t get my hopes up one way or the other. Most people guess we are having a boy. Here are some of those  classic old wives tales that predict gender. It’s pretty split between boy and girl!

No acne … BOY
Baby’s heart rate … GIRL
Craving sweets … GIRL
Chinese birth chart … BOY
Mayan birth chart … GIRL
No husband sympathy weight … BOY
Morning sickness … GIRL
Skin is not dry … GIRL

Have you picked out names?
Chris is named after his dad, so if we have a boy the tradition will continue and he’ll be Christopher Alan III. We haven’t decided on a girl’s name and I don’t think we’ll be sharing it when we do decide. We’re not looking for unsolicited opinions when it comes to names!

How’s the nursery coming along?
The nursery is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house! It’s all painted and most of the decorating is done. Chris is turning a nook in the room into a closet and the crib needs to be built. I’ll be sharing room details on here once it’s all ready.

Are you going back to work after Baby arrives?
I have already transitioned to part-time at work in preparation for Baby H, so I’ll be part-time career woman, part-time at-home momma. It’s the best solution for us because we still have my income and won’t have to rely on day care five days a week. Not to mention, I like my job and career and would be sad to give them up! I have been SO lucky when it comes to the flexibility and understanding of work.


28 Weeks Pregnant

New LaCroix Flavors!

I get a fair amount of press releases sent to my Tulle and Trinkets email address, because as you know, this blog is full of hard-hitting news… HA! I received one from LaCroix last Friday with news so important I consider it to be a public service announcement that I am obligated to share with you…

Summer 2014 LaCroix Flavors

LaCroix is introducing three new flavors this summer — apricot, mango, and passion fruit! They’re only available at Target, so I picked up the mango and apricot LaCroix water while at Target this past weekend. I’m happy to report both flavors are very good! In fact, I like apricot so much it’s slid ahead of my previous favorite flavor, coconut. I’ll have to try passion fruit next time I’m at Target.

New LaCroix Flavors Summer 2014

If you’ve been reading a while, you know I love LaCroix sparkling water. It doesn’t have any sodium, sweetener, or calories, and it counts toward my eight glasses of water a day. Being pregnant during summer means no mojitos or chilled white wine for me, and LaCroix has been the perfect replacement.

Do you love LaCroix, too? What’s your favorite flavor?

PS – In no way was I compensated for this post. I just love LaCroix and am bubbling for their new sparkling waters (pun intended).

Maternity Style 27 Weeks — Wedding Outfit

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

University of Findlay Flowers

Maternity Wedding Guest Outfit 27 Weeks

University of Findlay

University of Findlay

Dress — C/O OASAP
Sandals — Sam Edelman
Bag — American Apparel

Happy Friday! Big plans this weekend? My weekend is being consumed with preparations for Baby H! Tomorrow we have class at the hospital and we’re also registering this weekend and working on the nursery.

I wore this outfit last weekend to my cousin’s wedding up at the University of Findlay in Ohio. It was a beautiful wedding and a perfect opportunity to pull out this dress, which is one of my favorites! It’s not maternity, but works perfectly with my bump! Check out how I wore it last summer here.

Chris and I stayed the night in the hotel after the wedding, and I have to admit it was nice to get away from home for a night. Chris let me watch HGTV all evening and I slept like a baby. It was like a mini vacation!

Maternity Wedding Outfit 27 Weeks Pregnant

Life Lately in Photos

Sleeping Border Collie Puppy

Play hard, then nap hard.


One of my favorite scents.

Pitcher Collection

Look  up for my pitcher collection.

Border Collie Puppy

Good practice for Baby H?

Brick Sidewalk

Brick sidewalk.

Border Collie Puppy and Cat Friends


Happy Fourth of July! I hope everyone is out having a fun weekend and not at the computer reading this post ;). As for us, not only is it a holiday weekend, but it’s also my cousin’s wedding weekend! Very exciting. See you next week!

Maternity Style 26 Weeks — Nesting

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger - Tulle and Trinkets

26 Weeks Pregnancy Outfit - Tulle and Trinkets

26 Weeks Pregnant Outfit - Tulle and Trinkets

Top — Gap
Skirt — Forever 21
Sandals — Sam Edelman

Lately, the nesting urge has hit me full force. In the past couple weeks, I took tons of clothes and items to the consignment shop, Plato’s Closet, and Goodwill. I went through all our “important papers” and shredded/threw out a couple garbage bags worth of unneeded documents — we’re talking apartment leases and insurance policies from 4+ years ago. I bought a filing cabinet and organized the important stuff, and boy does it feel good to get all those papers under control! I mopped all the floors with homemade vinegar + orange peel cleaner, organized the junk drawer, cleaned out the pantry, and have been going through the garage and organizing/throwing stuff away. I wish I had this domestic energy all the time because our house would forever be spotless and organized!

On a more style-related note, this outfit was inspired by this Pin on my Maternity Style Pinterest board. I loved James from Bleubird Blog’s maternity style when she was pregnant with both Birdie and Sailor. She wore very little maternity, lots of vintage, and often rocked a long skirt pulled over her bump with a t-shirt. So easygoing and comfy!

26 Weeks Pregnant

Screened-In Porch Updates

When it came to home buying, a huge selling point for our house was its connect with nature. Across the back of our house are eight huge windows that overlook the backyard and pond. There’s an upstairs deck off the main living area, a patio with a fire pit off the entertainment room, and a downstairs deck off the master bedroom. The downstairs deck sat empty and unused for our first year here, but this spring I was determined to turn it into a usable space where Chris and I can sit and enjoy the view of our yard. I’m pretty excited to share the results!

Screened-In Porch Decorations

Screened-In Porch Decorations

Screened-In Porch Decorations

Screened-In Porch Decorations

Screened-In Porch Decorations

Screened-In Porch Decorations

Screened-In Porch Decorations

Screened-In Porch Decorations

I found the Pier 1 wicker furniture set on Craigslist for a pretty good deal. It came with the cushions, and while the colors aren’t ones I’d typically go for, I actually really like the overall look. I might repaint the wicker someday, but to be honest I’m sick of painting after working on so many nursery projects lately — so sage green it is for now!

I picked up the fern plant from Home Depot this spring and brought out one of my houseplants. They both love the shady sunshine! When it came to the other decorations, Gordmans had really great timing and contacted me about trying out some of their outdoor living products. I got the table tray,  lantern, faux moss pitcher basket, and decorative bird from Gordmans — and I think these items really pull it all together and make it a living space, not just a screened-in porch!  I also added some rocks from Chris’ rock collection into the mix, as well as a wooden wine box that had previously just been sitting  in our garage.

My future plans for this space include installing a ceiling fan light fixture and finding an outdoor area rug.

I can just picture it now: Chris and I sitting in the screened-in porch watching our kid(s) and Gauge play in the backyard!

Disclosure: Gordmans sent me a $50 gift card to purchase outdoor living items from their home decor section. See if you have Gordmans in your area here.

Maternity Style 25 Weeks — The County Fair

Pregnancy Outfit 25 Weeks

Indiana County Fair

County Fair Indiana

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Dress — PinkBlush Maternity
Booties — Aldo

Indiana County Fair

Indiana County Fair

One of  my favorite weeks of the year is here — our county’s fair! Chris and I headed to the fair the other night and spent the evening looking at the animals, listening to live music, walking around the carnival, and indulging in fair food. I had delicious, buttery roasted corn, while Chris had some locally made sausage with a deeelish sweet onion jam. There’s nothing better than fair food, especially to the pregnant palate!

It’s been hot and muggy around here lately, so I wore a loose maxi dress to try to keep cool. The dress is actually the same style as this maternity dress PinkBlush sent me a while back. I love how it fits so much I bought another for myself in a different print.

At the end of the evening, we waited in line for Tri Kappa donuts for about 45 minutes. It was torture at the time, but oh-so worth it the next morning!

Tri Kappa Donuts

Pregnancy Style 25 Weeks

PS – Check out our adventure at the fair last year here.

Maternity Style 24 Weeks — Puppy Time

I barely got this post up in time to document my 24-weeks pregnancy outfit, but I have a good excuse…

7 week old border collie puppy

You see, we’ve been quite busy with our new PUPPY! Say hello to the newest member of our growing family, Gauge!

7 week old border collie puppy

I know what you’re thinking: They’re CRAZY to get a puppy with a baby on the way.  And maybe we are crazy, but this little guy has stolen our hearts and it’s hard to imagine how life was without him.

7 week old border collie puppy

7 week old border collie puppy

7 week old border collie puppy

We started talking about getting a puppy when we moved into our house, but it’s only been since I transitioned to part-time at work (in preparation for the baby) that we felt we had the time for one. Gauge is a border collie and is keeping us on our toes, but he’s a good puppy and a fast learner! He sleeps through the night in his crate, has already learned “sit,”goes potty outside or on his wee-wee pads [for the most part...], and we’re working on walking on the leash. I’m excited for Gauge and Baby H to grow up together and be best buds :)

24 weeks pregnant outfit

Vest — Madewell
Shorts — Pea in the Pod
Head Scarf — Vintage

If I look hot and uncomfortable in these photos, that’s because I was! I think it’s going to be mostly dresses for me this summer. Anything remotely fitted becomes immediately uncomfortable when I step outside in the humidity. Blegh!

24 weeks pregnant outfit

Have anything fun going on this weekend? We’re headed to the county fair tomorrow night! I can’t wait for a lemon shake-up and maybe a funnel cake…  :)