I’ve got to tell you, if I was into investing I’d totally buy stock in glitter.

blowing glitter

From gorgeous dresses:

glitter dresses

To glitter ring nails via Cupcakes and Cashmere….glitter glitter EVERYWHERE.

cupcakes and cashmere glitter nails

A DIY glitter accent purse made by Stars for Streetlights.

DIY glitter purse

DIY glitter pumps from Glitter Guide:

DIY glitter pumps

A DIY glitter sweatshirt by yours truly.

DIY glitter sweatshirt

And my latest glitter project?

A DIY glitter coin purse:

DIY glitter coin purse Kate Spade

Inspired by Kate Spade:

kate spade glitter purse

Ooooo la la, GLITTER!