The only thing better than making new friends is wearing a cute scarf while making new friends. And that’s what our new project at is all about!

Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf

The girls are starting a Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf — a group of crafty and fashionable bloggers who are passing around a scarf — and getting to know one another in the process! Each member of the sisterhood adds a small and crafty decoration to the scarf and documents her time with it on her blog.

sew charm on scarf

I received the scarf from my coworker, Stacie, from Stars for Streetlights. I’m lucky recipient number two in the sisterhood!  I added a pretty little crystal button to the scarf, as well as a silver cat charm.

cat charm on scarf

I took the cats off my charm bracelet. (Sidenote: How many other 20-somethings HAD TO HAVE a charm bracelet after The Princess Diaries movie came out?) I think the cats look like Nikki (the big one) and Hermes (the kitten!). Not that Nikki would ever let Hermes sit that close to her. But that’s not the point. As for the crystal button…well…I just thought it’s pretty!

how to wear a scarf

Stacie sewed darling, handmade flowers on each end of the scarf. That girl is seriously crafty. (Sidenote: I was having a bad hair day when these pics were taken. Just pay attention to the scarf.)

ways to tie a scarf

The Traveling Scarf arrives to bloggers in a cloth bag on which each sister must write the most exciting thing that happened to her while wearing the scarf. Inside, there are the official governing rules of the sisterhood, a map that documents the scarf’s travels, and whatever goodies members of the sisterhood add. I, of course, had to add a trinket!

cat trinket

I added a cat trinket that sat on one of the tables at our wedding reception.

cat and scarf

Let me tell you, Hermes was thrilled with the traveling scarf. I’d like to point out that governing rule #9 clearly states: “You can let your cat lay on le scarf, but dog drool is just gross.”

cat sleeping in scarf

The sister who has the scarf gets to choose the next member of the sisterhood. After me, Maggie gets the scarf, and then Sarah. Then the scarf is leaving the family and taking off to be passed from blogger to blogger!