I’ve loved Valentine’s Day since a tender young age (cynics be warned!). When I was little, the holiday meant getting a box of chocolates from my dad and Beanie Baby from my mom.

As a wee elementary school girl, passing out Valentines at school (even to the kid with the snotty nose) meant a BIG decision. Should I get 101 Dalmations, Barbie, or Lisa Frank? Even harder was deciding who got what Valentine. I would carefully consider which card to give the stinky boy so he wouldn’t get the wrong idea. Boys – BLEGH! And my best friends got the cutest cards, of course.

These days, Valentine’s Day means a nice dinner with my husband and maybe a pretty little piece of jewelry. And instead of those store-bought cards, I like to make sweet homemade Valentines for my favorite people. Here are the cards I’ve been making this year:

homemade valentines

These are so simple and easy to make! All I really used was felt, thick paper, embroidery floss, glue, scissors, and a needle. They’re just a matter of cutting your shape of choice out of the felt and paper, tracing your design on the felt, ¬†using a very simple stitch to go over the lines, gluing the felt to the paper, and writing a sweet note.

homemade valentine

Christopher said he didn’t get this one. QT….like cutie….get it?! I thought it was cute.

homemade valentine owl valentine

An owl! HOOOOO doesn’t want a cutie of an owl for a Valentine?

diy valentine cards

I wrote this on the back of the owl Valentine. I’m a poet and didn’t know it.

homemade valentine heart with bow

I gave this pretty little Valentine to Christopher! I also wrote a full DIY for it that will be featured in a guest post next week!

diy valentine cat

MEOW! You all already know I’m a crazy cat lady. No explanation needed.

homemade valentines

I am so excited to pass these cute homemade Valentine’s Day cards out to my loved ones. I hope they inspire you to get crafty too!