Cat Sitting in Christmas Wreath

Hermes cuddling with the Christmas wreath, just like he did two years ago.
(Can’t believe how small he was in that old photo :( )

Orchid Floral Arrangement

Night 1 of Advanced Floral Design.

Talenti Black Raspberry Chip Gelato

Have you guys tried this stuff? So good.

Cozy Sweater, Socks, and Candle

Fuzzy slipper socks C/O Legwear Loft, which you can snag for 40% off during their Black Friday sale!

Floral Arrangement with Orange Tree Clipping

A little arrangement I made from leftover flowers and a clipping from my orange tree.

Hello! Just a quick note today to say I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and are enjoying your Black Friday. Chris and I had Thanksgiving lunch at his grandma’s house and dinner at my mom and dad’s. Today we’re heading back up to Indianapolis to enjoy the weekend! See you Monday!