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Faux Fur Leopard Scarf, Thrifted LL Bean Sweater, Bow Necklace

Thrifted Winter Style

Sweater — L.L.Bean, thrifted
Jeans — Madewell
Ankle Boots — Sam Edelman
Scarf — Scarves Dot Net
Necklace — a gift
Bag — Longchamp

Remember me? It’s been long time. So long that I received concerned notes from my mom and best friend worried that I would never post again :)

I used my week off to migrate Tulle and Trinkets to a self-hosted blog, and it was a success! I ended up paying Bluehost to make the migration for me, and I’m glad I went that route because they said they had some troubles. I’m not sure what those troubles were … I think in this case, ignorance is bliss.  Once the migration was complete, I used the rest of the week to make sure everything looked and worked just-right. So far I’m loving There’s a lot more freedom and options!

Anything fun going on this week? I’ll be working, avoiding the cold/snow, watching the Olympics, and looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Have a good one!