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26 Weeks Pregnancy Outfit - Tulle and Trinkets

26 Weeks Pregnant Outfit - Tulle and Trinkets

Top — Gap
Skirt — Forever 21
Sandals — Sam Edelman

Lately, the nesting urge has hit me full force. In the past couple weeks, I took tons of clothes and items to the consignment shop, Plato’s Closet, and Goodwill. I went through all our “important papers” and shredded/threw out a couple garbage bags worth of unneeded documents — we’re talking apartment leases and insurance policies from 4+ years ago. I bought a filing cabinet and organized the important stuff, and boy does it feel good to get all those papers under control! I mopped all the floors with homemade vinegar + orange peel cleaner, organized the junk drawer, cleaned out the pantry, and have been going through the garage and organizing/throwing stuff away. I wish I had this domestic energy all the time because our house would forever be spotless and organized!

On a more style-related note, this outfit was inspired by this Pin on my Maternity Style Pinterest board. I loved James from Bleubird Blog’s maternity style when she was pregnant with both Birdie and Sailor. She wore very little maternity, lots of vintage, and often rocked a long skirt pulled over her bump with a t-shirt. So easygoing and comfy!

26 Weeks Pregnant