I get a fair amount of press releases sent to my Tulle and Trinkets email address, because as you know, this blog is full of hard-hitting news… HA! I received one from LaCroix last Friday with news so important I consider it to be a public service announcement that I am obligated to share with you…

Summer 2014 LaCroix Flavors

LaCroix is introducing three new flavors this summer — apricot, mango, and passion fruit! They’re only available at Target, so I picked up the mango and apricot LaCroix water while at Target this past weekend. I’m happy to report both flavors are very good! In fact, I like apricot so much it’s slid ahead of my previous favorite flavor, coconut. I’ll have to try passion fruit next time I’m at Target.

New LaCroix Flavors Summer 2014

If you’ve been reading a while, you know I love LaCroix sparkling water. It doesn’t have any sodium, sweetener, or calories, and it counts toward my eight glasses of water a day. Being pregnant during summer means no mojitos or chilled white wine for me, and LaCroix has been the perfect replacement.

Do you love LaCroix, too? What’s your favorite flavor?

PS – In no way was I compensated for this post. I just love LaCroix and am bubbling for their new sparkling waters (pun intended).